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i'm back :)

w00t! i'm back, i know y'all missed me...

i set an official record...

i got high 12 times, within 6 hours...
that's 2 times an hour

me & my friends... smoked 2 times. it was the first time one of them had gotten high, lol... and, her parents grow their own shit... lordie! it's GREeEEAT!!! shit, i looked at it and i was like "this ain't homegrown!" and then she showed me the plants... dayum, they were hella loaded with THC.
me and a bunch of other people all got high 3 times in the woods... then we went to this guy's house... we got high in his garage... then some guy?! came, and complained about the music... we got high again. 7 times so far!! lol...
3 times in the bathroom @ the party... and while we were on the 1st, these girls that my brother went to school with came by the party... and they walked in the bathroom & were like "THIS IS A FRESHMAN PARTY!!" and they sat down... and this girl, looks at me... and she's like "what's your name?"... "kristen"..."kristen what" "::takes another hit:: iunno" "*****" "yeah..." "OMGGGG! I can't believe i'm watching you smoke weed! HEY ******! THIS IS *****'S LITTLE SISTER..." "***** *****?!" "YEAH..." "****! IT'S *****S SISTER, AND SHE'S SMOKIN UP!!" then ***** is like "Well, we came by to steal y'alls beer, but... you guys are kewl freshman, sooo... we are gonna go! we'll be back later!!" but there's more to the convo than that... haha, i was just sittin there ROLLIN In laughter & smokin up, haha... and then **** came by, and *****... he got me some cherry vodka :) nummm! and some bitch beer (smirnoff ice)... and i stuck my glow stick in there and ****** was like "THAT'S A WASTE OF GOOD FUCKIN BEER"... and then ***** came by, and she got FUCKIN DRUNK! and i had like WAAAAAy too much fuckin pot... someone brought by a BIG FUCKIN BLUNT... but they rolled it wrong, so someguy kept saying "that shit's as loose as a 5 cent whore"... and then i made ***** go home.

and then everyone was just showin up... and we went home b/c the cops were bout to bust the party, since they were patrollin the area... lol...

dayum, great night... i gave out my # like a bajillion times :)

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