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w00t! Sean and I got back together :), even if it's a long distance relationship! I get to see him in APRIL!!!! I CAN'T WAAAAAAIT! hehe... bah! he is such a kewl guy!! :-) i'm so happy, hehe... we are playing around, discussing what our kids will look like (no, we are not having kids! its a joke people!!)

sean: they'll be sumo wrestlers!
me: no! they will be supermodels!
sean: only because they get it from their mom's side
me: no! Their dad's!
sean: then they'd be sumo wrestlers!
me: no! they'd be hotties and get all the girls!!
sean: then they wouldn't be like me! i don't get any girls! YOU get more girls than me!
me: LOL... right, sean ;x
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