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hey! i got arrested today! isn't that great?!
if you ask me why, i'll just fucking lie to you, losers.

it was actually quite fun! i'd do it again... hmmm :-\ i shall vandalize the school... wait, i did that last year! no fun :( i'll come up wit something!!

and, thank you jen & bail for worrying, i'm extremely depressed and angry... so much shit has happened... people i thought i knew... well, they aren't who i thought they were... and my ex b/f... he's scary. i always got the good ones... court even agrees with me, HA!

I <3 court, britt, airy, bail, jen!! :) you guys are the besterest! EVERYONE ELSe FUCKIN SUCKS!... welllllioz... if i forgot you, yell at me... oh yes... NITA! I LOVE NITA!... leslie is kewliozzzzz too... :-\ who else... JAMES, RYAN, SEAN <333333, STEPHAN! john (all of em!!) ashley, holly (i miss you dawlie!)... grant!! I LUB YOU GRANT BABY! CjL, justin w. (kewlest mother fucker on the planet!), jamie (it'll all work out with her!)... errrr... those are mostly all the people who are part of my world... if i forgot you, i'm sorry... or you just suck ass and need to get the fuck away from me! xox!
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