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... yeaaaah [18 Jun 2002|05:30am]
[ mood | crappy ]


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gdfgdfg [28 Apr 2002|06:13pm]
m00ved my journal...

str0be.pitas.com clickie NOW!
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dooby!!! [18 Apr 2002|12:12am]
[ mood | happy ]

okie, long time... no posting, so sorry!!

Life has been AMAZING to me! i have a new boyfriend, his name is Aaron... we've been going together for 2 days now :) hehe... he's the best!

Justin is gone, finally... THANK GOD. i was so sick of trying to swallow and put up with his shit... oh, convo this morning with "l33t boi" (kristen <3s leslie! haha) clickie [ x ]... annnnddddd... i dunno what else to say :)

god, i have been partying so much lately :)

take my friend test [ x ]... TAKE NOW!!

I've decided what i am going to do!! I am going to college... and i am going to major in business... and... START MY OWN RECORD LABEL... i'm a music freak, right? why not do something i LOVE?! :) so, i'm going to mostly sign punk/rock/ska bands :) small names, and make them BIIIIIG!!

So, i met Aaron @ hot topic yesterday... and, well... i bought a new shirt (sex pistols!!), electric blue hair dye, tinting brush, and a blacklight sublime poster :)

It's official... i love improv! i am so fucking hilarious when i get in front of my school and do it, you don't understand!!!!! god... i just go with things... and elaborate...

Shrimp Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein...
I love Llama brand llama chops chow mein...

it's more funny when you hear my little chinese/french accent :) it's great!! I did that to my sister and her friends, and they were ROLLING on the floor in fits of laughter... :) i love saying random things...

fucknut :( bye bye

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dum de dooooby [08 Apr 2002|01:57am]
[ mood | artistic ]

today was... eventful...
we went to a play (rent) omg, best musical FUCKING ever... they said "fuck" 7 times, according to my sister! it's great tho!
then we went PROM DRESS SHOPPING... oh yes, a guy i know (he switched schools)... well, he asked me to prom! @ his school... haha, a little late tho... considering his prom is this friday, i think :-\... anyway, yeah, i'm going with him :)
so, i got this black dress with little slits/rips in it... and i'm wearing my pink chucks :-D haha... and by then i will have my industrial pierced!! can't wait ::dances::

i have been sitting around playing guitar and writing music for the past few hours... i'm so fucking depressed... i dunno why :(

i'm getting outta public schools soon, because i'm a "bad" kid... and i'll be going to private schools... actually, i'm gonna try to talk my parents into letting me move in with court in texas... and go to school with her :) ahhh, i hope i can :) if not, then i have to choose a school that lets you board... and that's NOT in oklahoma... cuz OK sucks!

i have a feeling something bad is gonna happen... but then again, what do i know... i'm an idiot! =D

=D is NOT A PENIS! jamie thinks it is... but it's NOT A FUCKING PENIS! :) xox!

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bah [07 Apr 2002|02:08am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

don't wanna talk about it,
i'll elaborate later

go visit my girl Leslie... she's my fuckin twin

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

You are one of the first Disney princesses to stand up for her rights as a woman. While you may NOT be a prize to be won, you are still quite the hottie, especially in that red harem girl outfit. Even when things may not seem the best at home, try to remember that running away from your problems solves little. You are easily tricked and manipulated, both by your enemies and people who love you. You have a special fondness for tigers.

And omg, after tonight, i realize HOW much that shit is so fucking TRUE. i am easily manipulated... god, i'm a fuckin idiot too.

anyway, i'm out... i'll speak with you hoes later :)
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im a lazy bum [05 Apr 2002|07:34pm]
I'M A LAZY MOTHERFUCKING BUM... i sat around all day, smoking weed and sleeping... well, its a good way to get rid of my hangover, right? :D haha... now... KRISSY WANTS FOOD! krissy is fuckin huuuuungry :(

Ann: OMG its you!
Kristen: OMG it is :x
Ann: I just wanted to tell you....
Ann: You ROCK!
Kristen: i do?! lol
Ann: Yes! Thee very coolest!
Kristen: since when?!
Ann: Since forever...I just never say anything...your coolness makes me nervous
Kristen: HAHA!
Kristen: i wish
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i'm back :) [05 Apr 2002|02:02pm]
[ mood | high ]

w00t! i'm back, i know y'all missed me...

i set an official record...

i got high 12 times, within 6 hours...
that's 2 times an hour

me & my friends... smoked 2 times. it was the first time one of them had gotten high, lol... and, her parents grow their own shit... lordie! it's GREeEEAT!!! shit, i looked at it and i was like "this ain't homegrown!" and then she showed me the plants... dayum, they were hella loaded with THC.
me and a bunch of other people all got high 3 times in the woods... then we went to this guy's house... we got high in his garage... then some guy?! came, and complained about the music... we got high again. 7 times so far!! lol...
3 times in the bathroom @ the party... and while we were on the 1st, these girls that my brother went to school with came by the party... and they walked in the bathroom & were like "THIS IS A FRESHMAN PARTY!!" and they sat down... and this girl, looks at me... and she's like "what's your name?"... "kristen"..."kristen what" "::takes another hit:: iunno" "*****" "yeah..." "OMGGGG! I can't believe i'm watching you smoke weed! HEY ******! THIS IS *****'S LITTLE SISTER..." "***** *****?!" "YEAH..." "****! IT'S *****S SISTER, AND SHE'S SMOKIN UP!!" then ***** is like "Well, we came by to steal y'alls beer, but... you guys are kewl freshman, sooo... we are gonna go! we'll be back later!!" but there's more to the convo than that... haha, i was just sittin there ROLLIN In laughter & smokin up, haha... and then **** came by, and *****... he got me some cherry vodka :) nummm! and some bitch beer (smirnoff ice)... and i stuck my glow stick in there and ****** was like "THAT'S A WASTE OF GOOD FUCKIN BEER"... and then ***** came by, and she got FUCKIN DRUNK! and i had like WAAAAAy too much fuckin pot... someone brought by a BIG FUCKIN BLUNT... but they rolled it wrong, so someguy kept saying "that shit's as loose as a 5 cent whore"... and then i made ***** go home.

and then everyone was just showin up... and we went home b/c the cops were bout to bust the party, since they were patrollin the area... lol...

dayum, great night... i gave out my # like a bajillion times :)


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hmmm... [03 Apr 2002|09:17pm]
i'm off to the hospital...

be back... sometime... friday/saturday

why is it that... i am nice to everyone, yet people talk about me behind my back, and use me like a fucking doormat?! i HATE that... HATE HATE HATE... you all can DIE DIE DIE... just like im gonna do!
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just for me :) [03 Apr 2002|06:11pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Name kristen
Nicknames kris, krissy, bitch, goober
Birthday june 16
Age 14
Astrological gemini
Chinese rabbit
Location can you spell OKLAHOMA without singing it?!
Sexual Preference bi, crazie, eh?!
Current hair color red/brown/blonde
Eye color dark green
Height 5'5
Weight ::pinches stomach:: i'ze fat :(
Parents still together? yes
Siblings? 1 brother, 1 sister
Nieces/Nephews? nope
Kids of your own? zerrrro, never havin kids ;x
Grand-kids? 0
Pets? 2 cats.. mousie and tigger
In school/graduated? yes sir
Rent, lease, or own your home? :-\
What do you do for work? i do bad things ;x
How much do you make? A FUCKING LOT... for the bad things i do
Have any credit cards? nah
AMEX? ?!?!??
Can I use em for a few days? nope, i'm selfiesh
What do you drive? my parents/friends/siblings/teachers/everyone i interact with... crazy... besides that, i drive a VW beetleeeee! and gayle's 'vette... both of them ;x

Black or White/Color black
Black/White black
Red/Blue red
Dogs/Cats both
Roses/Daisies daisies
Beer/Liquor liquor
Boxers/Briefs boxers on guys ;x nothing on me, lol
Hair: Short/Long short on guys, long on me
Boots/Shoes CHUCKS!
Food: Mexican/Italian italian
Dark/Light light
Day/Night night
City/Country big cities
Sheets ... yeah... i use them :x DID YOU MOLEST MY FUCKING SHEETS?!

Color grey, white, black, PINK!
Animal PENGUINS!! and guys... sometimes
Vehicle toyota supra, audi tt, eclipses cuz they are sexy ass cars :x and any kind of VW
Flower tulips, daffodils, daisies
Beer XX dos equis (spelling?)
Liquor kahlua, wild turkey, everclear, mezzaluna vodka, aftershock
Soda dr pepper
Food chicken, gummiebears~!!!!!!!
Book don't piss on an electric fence
Author ?
Band anything that's not country or pop
CD "Dirty Little Thoughts" -- Stroke 9
Song "Playmate of the Year" -- Zebrahead & "Makin Money" -- Handsome Devil
Movie anything fuckin hilarious... or SLC Punk
Country USA
State Florida/New York
City NYC, Santa Fe
School Subject biology
Extracurricular Activity I'm a loner, Dottie... A rebel!

Do you...
Color your hair? yeah
Have tattoos? in a few years :)
Piercings? ears, HAD eyebrow... soon lip, tongue, nipple, industrial
Floss daily? yep
Own a webcam? digi-cam
computer? yep
Sprechen Sie Deutcsh? no, sorry :(
Hablar Espanol? a bit
Quack? Quack quack? QUACK!

Have you...
Gotten a speeding ticket? nah
How fast?
DUI? not yet ;x
Been in a wreck? yeah
Been arrested? yeah
Stolen a car? yes
Stolen anything? just a car :x never anything else
Smoke? never
Pot? yeah
Crack? nah
Drink? my dad calls me his little alcoholic
Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? yep
Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? yeah
Posed for nude pics? i won't admit to it unless you have pictures :x
Considered a life of crime? nah
Considered being a hooker? nope
Maybe a pimp? nah
Cheated on someone? yeah
Been married? no
Been divorced? no

Are you psycho?
Split personalities? i'm a gemini.. which means TWINS.. what do you expect?!
Schizophrenic? nope
Obsessive? only sometimes
Compulsive? hell yeah :x
Obsessive Compulsive? nope
Panic? nope
Anxiety? nah
Depressed? very
Suicidal? yes... :(
Homicidal? nope
Genocidal? ?!
Pedophile? never :x ICK!
Obsessed with hate? i rarely hate anyone... i hate... 1 person as of now.
Mutilate animals? no
Idolize infamous criminals? no
Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? nope
Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? nope
Had sex outdoors? i won't admit to it unless you have pictures

Right now...
What are you listening to? "Dammit" -- Blink-182
What are you watching? monitor monkeys? :-\
What time is it? 6:09 pm.. shittttt... gotta get offline
What are you wearing? skater pants, JEW shirt... and my chucks
Wanna cyber you know it baby!
Hey baby, nice shoes... wanna fuck!?
What're you drinking? nothin
Eating? nuttin
Got both hands on the keyboard? yeah
You sure bout that? no... i have 3 hands :x
Who are you talking to? i'm singing at the top of my lungs... But everybody's gone, and i've been here for too long, to face this on my own... WELL I GUESS THIS IS GROWING UP!

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remember? [03 Apr 2002|05:23pm]
remember the time when chester and i got really stoned and fought over a sandwich?!

or... the flying thing?!
Rules of the Flying Thing
+ you can tell anyone what happens
+ but you can't tell them how it feels

anyway, people @ holly's house tomorrow night -- me, amber, ashley, danielle, stephan (if he comes!!), james, JACOB!!!!!!! ! !!! ! ! ! ! !!! MISFITS BOI!!! ! ! ! ! ! !!! !!... bo, holland... uhhh... TOBY! TOBIAS!!! TOBIAS LOVES PINK!!!!

anyway, bah, me no feel well :( comfort me

chester is gonna fucking freak when he sees my arms :x
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dooooby! [03 Apr 2002|03:43pm]
yayayayay! ashley's party was cancelled... but tomorrow night i'm going with her to misty's... then we are off to holly's!!!!!! meaning: sexy guys, weed, X, other various drugs, beer... TRASHCAN PUNCH! yummmm! so... time to get fuccccked up!!! :)

wanna stop me? (WHY WOULD YOU?!) call me... 405.760.4972, fucking loozers

then... danielle's b-day, i'm spending the weekend in norman with her, alyssa, demon boi, CHESTER *yayayyayay*, and chester's g/f! (the sweetest girl alive!!)... and then i'll probably get my industrial done, since danielle is going in anyway to get her tongue done :) and if we have time/money... TATS FOR ALL.. and i cant forget the clubbing... mmmm... the clubbing!! and the COLLEGE GUYS! *yummm*

okay... i'm off to go grunt and sweat

cuz i hafta go exercise :)

<3 me, you know you wanna! xox
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LORD [02 Apr 2002|11:17pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i have been a bad girl :( i'm so sorry!!!
i did it again... AGAIN!
and i did something else too!

justin called me this morning... said some stuff, i broke up with sean, sean told me to never talk to him again. and then it turns out the stuff that happened with justin was a fucking LIE... he said it was his brother that said that shit, but you are lying as well if you fucking go along with it.. am i right!? soooo... because of all this shit, i lost one of the BEST guys i have ever known (sean)!! he's so kewl, sweet, fucking HILARIOUS, cute... lord :( i always get all the luck...

my weekend:
+ thursday-sat morning : party @ ashley's... 2 days, tho i may not stay the whole time
+ fri/sat : hair dye/state beauty supply thing (heaven for me... walls and walls filled with shampoo :x i'm a hair freak!!)... cut my hair... like... 2 mm off :x NO MORE!! EVER >:[
+ sunday : therapist! yay! nay, POOP!

FUCKING HELL! THIS HURTS! :'( worse than yesterday... but it feels so good =x

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FUCK YES!! [02 Apr 2002|07:38am]
[ mood | awake ]

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] quiz!>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<a href=http://www.vanillateardrops.com/quiz.html target=blank><img src=http://www.vanillateardrops.com/match5.gif border=0 alt=Take the Celeb Match Quiz!></a>

and i didn't even cheat :x I FUCKIN SWEEEEAR! :-)

tommmm ::orgasm::

of to school

<i>So i ran away and i'm sorry when i say
that straight to this very day it was the wrong way
she took a hike, no matter if i like it or not
cuz she only wants the wrong way</i>

<b>I want the kind of MAN who will make me feel right
not sloppy drunk sex on a saturday night!</b>
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GEEKYNESS 4 LYFE! [02 Apr 2002|07:36am]
[ mood | awake ]

1 more test, then off to school :-)

Fuck it, fight it... it's all the same
to hang with louie dog's the only way to stay sane

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omg [02 Apr 2002|06:18am]
[ mood | my ass is numb ]

I'm such a bitch... such a mother fucking bitch.. how could i do THAT to someone?! OMGGGG... i'm fucking sorry... SO FUCKING SORRY.

keep it covered up kristen, if you don't wear your bracelets, people will notice, then they will see... put a band aid over it.. curious george... READING! yessss, and tell them its for decoration....

lordie... i'm gonna move in with jen, she invited me to live in her wardrobe, haha! well, that's not the first time... ahhh, oh well... my whole body aches, and i've gone into my severe depression stage... i don't want to talk to a damn person... maybe... i should go back to my therapist? or maybe, i should just work out, that makes me happy... i'll go running after school :)

NO SCHOOL TODAY!... well, i go to school, but then i leave again :) i'm going to a play, and then *hopefully* to barnes & noble... i'm a fucking book worm, i can't help it!

i'm re-dying/cutting my hair this weekend
i'm going shopping, i hope danielle can come, i have to get her birthday pressie (SHE HAS THE SAME BDAY AS PENIS BOI!)

penis boi IMed me last night... he g/f broke up with him and he wants to know how to get back with her... god, i cussed at him... i wasn't in a good mood... shit happened with justin, which totally got me down... because... *honestly*... i have more feelings for jus than i do for sean... sean is just :-\ my friend... he's so much fun to be around... lord

i want a tat!! =D i wonder what i should get?

okay... thats enough of acting happy
i gotta get ready!

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it's happening again [02 Apr 2002|01:13am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

OMG, i'm so sorry :'( I'm so fucking sorry.
mom, dad, caroline, derek... i love you, i'm sorry for being so bad, i lov eyou

britt, court... you mean so much to me, we will get through this, please, don't leave me... i need you guys more than anything now

justin... i'm so sorry, i can't put my feelings into words, i'm so sorry... omg, i'm so fucking sorry...

i did something tonight, and it hurts. it hurts tremendously... i would not wish this pain upon anyone.. no one...

i'm sorry.

brian, thank you. i owe you everything. thank you, i'm sorry

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w00t! [01 Apr 2002|09:53pm]
[ mood | okay ]

w00t! Sean and I got back together :), even if it's a long distance relationship! I get to see him in APRIL!!!! I CAN'T WAAAAAAIT! hehe... bah! he is such a kewl guy!! :-) i'm so happy, hehe... we are playing around, discussing what our kids will look like (no, we are not having kids! its a joke people!!)

sean: they'll be sumo wrestlers!
me: no! they will be supermodels!
sean: only because they get it from their mom's side
me: no! Their dad's!
sean: then they'd be sumo wrestlers!
me: no! they'd be hotties and get all the girls!!
sean: then they wouldn't be like me! i don't get any girls! YOU get more girls than me!
me: LOL... right, sean ;x

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song? [01 Apr 2002|05:33pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

how i feel :-\ i found it in a song by BLINK...

It's alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won't try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you're leaving
you must have
your reasons
The season
is calling
and your pictures
are falling down

The steps that
I retrace
the sad look
on your face
The timing
and structure
did you hear
he fucked her?
A day late
a buck short
I'm writing
the report
On losing
and failing
when I move
I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well I guess this is growing up

And maybe
I'll see you
at a movie
sneak preview
You'll show up
and walk by
on the arm
of that guy
And I'll smile
and you'll wave
we'll pretend
it's okay
The charade
it won't last
when he's gone
I won't come back

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And you've been there for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up

download it now... "dammit"

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BWAHAHAHA [01 Apr 2002|05:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

today is fun!

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fuckers [01 Apr 2002|04:40pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hey! i got arrested today! isn't that great?!
if you ask me why, i'll just fucking lie to you, losers.

it was actually quite fun! i'd do it again... hmmm :-\ i shall vandalize the school... wait, i did that last year! no fun :( i'll come up wit something!!

and, thank you jen & bail for worrying, i'm extremely depressed and angry... so much shit has happened... people i thought i knew... well, they aren't who i thought they were... and my ex b/f... he's scary. i always got the good ones... court even agrees with me, HA!

I <3 court, britt, airy, bail, jen!! :) you guys are the besterest! EVERYONE ELSe FUCKIN SUCKS!... welllllioz... if i forgot you, yell at me... oh yes... NITA! I LOVE NITA!... leslie is kewliozzzzz too... :-\ who else... JAMES, RYAN, SEAN <333333, STEPHAN! john (all of em!!) ashley, holly (i miss you dawlie!)... grant!! I LUB YOU GRANT BABY! CjL, justin w. (kewlest mother fucker on the planet!), jamie (it'll all work out with her!)... errrr... those are mostly all the people who are part of my world... if i forgot you, i'm sorry... or you just suck ass and need to get the fuck away from me! xox!

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