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okie, long time... no posting, so sorry!!

Life has been AMAZING to me! i have a new boyfriend, his name is Aaron... we've been going together for 2 days now :) hehe... he's the best!

Justin is gone, finally... THANK GOD. i was so sick of trying to swallow and put up with his shit... oh, convo this morning with "l33t boi" (kristen <3s leslie! haha) clickie [ x ]... annnnddddd... i dunno what else to say :)

god, i have been partying so much lately :)

take my friend test [ x ]... TAKE NOW!!

I've decided what i am going to do!! I am going to college... and i am going to major in business... and... START MY OWN RECORD LABEL... i'm a music freak, right? why not do something i LOVE?! :) so, i'm going to mostly sign punk/rock/ska bands :) small names, and make them BIIIIIG!!

So, i met Aaron @ hot topic yesterday... and, well... i bought a new shirt (sex pistols!!), electric blue hair dye, tinting brush, and a blacklight sublime poster :)

It's official... i love improv! i am so fucking hilarious when i get in front of my school and do it, you don't understand!!!!! god... i just go with things... and elaborate...

Shrimp Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein...
I love Llama brand llama chops chow mein...

it's more funny when you hear my little chinese/french accent :) it's great!! I did that to my sister and her friends, and they were ROLLING on the floor in fits of laughter... :) i love saying random things...

fucknut :( bye bye
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