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dum de dooooby

today was... eventful...
we went to a play (rent) omg, best musical FUCKING ever... they said "fuck" 7 times, according to my sister! it's great tho!
then we went PROM DRESS SHOPPING... oh yes, a guy i know (he switched schools)... well, he asked me to prom! @ his school... haha, a little late tho... considering his prom is this friday, i think :-\... anyway, yeah, i'm going with him :)
so, i got this black dress with little slits/rips in it... and i'm wearing my pink chucks :-D haha... and by then i will have my industrial pierced!! can't wait ::dances::

i have been sitting around playing guitar and writing music for the past few hours... i'm so fucking depressed... i dunno why :(

i'm getting outta public schools soon, because i'm a "bad" kid... and i'll be going to private schools... actually, i'm gonna try to talk my parents into letting me move in with court in texas... and go to school with her :) ahhh, i hope i can :) if not, then i have to choose a school that lets you board... and that's NOT in oklahoma... cuz OK sucks!

i have a feeling something bad is gonna happen... but then again, what do i know... i'm an idiot! =D

=D is NOT A PENIS! jamie thinks it is... but it's NOT A FUCKING PENIS! :) xox!
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