kris (lick_me) wrote,


yayayayay! ashley's party was cancelled... but tomorrow night i'm going with her to misty's... then we are off to holly's!!!!!! meaning: sexy guys, weed, X, other various drugs, beer... TRASHCAN PUNCH! yummmm! so... time to get fuccccked up!!! :)

wanna stop me? (WHY WOULD YOU?!) call me... 405.760.4972, fucking loozers

then... danielle's b-day, i'm spending the weekend in norman with her, alyssa, demon boi, CHESTER *yayayyayay*, and chester's g/f! (the sweetest girl alive!!)... and then i'll probably get my industrial done, since danielle is going in anyway to get her tongue done :) and if we have time/money... TATS FOR ALL.. and i cant forget the clubbing... mmmm... the clubbing!! and the COLLEGE GUYS! *yummm*

okay... i'm off to go grunt and sweat

cuz i hafta go exercise :)

<3 me, you know you wanna! xox
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