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i have been a bad girl :( i'm so sorry!!!
i did it again... AGAIN!
and i did something else too!

justin called me this morning... said some stuff, i broke up with sean, sean told me to never talk to him again. and then it turns out the stuff that happened with justin was a fucking LIE... he said it was his brother that said that shit, but you are lying as well if you fucking go along with it.. am i right!? soooo... because of all this shit, i lost one of the BEST guys i have ever known (sean)!! he's so kewl, sweet, fucking HILARIOUS, cute... lord :( i always get all the luck...

my weekend:
+ thursday-sat morning : party @ ashley's... 2 days, tho i may not stay the whole time
+ fri/sat : hair dye/state beauty supply thing (heaven for me... walls and walls filled with shampoo :x i'm a hair freak!!)... cut my hair... like... 2 mm off :x NO MORE!! EVER >:[
+ sunday : therapist! yay! nay, POOP!

FUCKING HELL! THIS HURTS! :'( worse than yesterday... but it feels so good =x
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